Learning Spanish from comic strips

What is your favorite comic strip and character?

Your answer will most likely give away your age bracket and gender. My wife adores Peanuts and her favorite character is Snoopy.

Another comic strip from around the same era is Mafalda which was written and  illustrated by Quino, an Argentine.

The main character in Mafalda is the 6-year-old Argentinian girl of the same name. The comic strip explores contemporary social issues through the lives of Mafalda and her friends and family.

Comic strips is an excellent tool for learning a foreign language. I can see some distinct advantages:

  1. Each comic strip is a short self-contained story. It is perfect for language learners who don’t have a lot of time but want to learn something every day.
  2. The entertainment value is an extra incentive to continue reading and learning.
  3. Dialogues in a comic strip are essentially colloquial in nature. The everyday language used is something practical that the learners can start using right away.

The original Spanish version of the comic strips were collected and re-published in the book 10 años con Mafalda / 10 years with Mafalda.

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