Learn Spanish while listening to pop music

Language learning can be monotonous and discouraging at times. Anything that can spice up the process is a welcome relief.

Listening to Spanish pop music became one of my favorite Spanish learning tools. My previous blog posts here and here listed some of my favorite artists and songs.

I found listening to Spanish hit songs to be beneficial because it’s entertaining and also good for ear training. Beginners like myself most likely can’t decipher the majority of the lyrics in a song, but that is not the goal at this point. The goal is to get my brain acclimatized to the sounds of a foreign language.

Ultimately, however, we want to know the meaning of the lyrics we are listening to—it is even more fun that way.

Looking up a dictionary is one method of learning the lyrics but not the least disruptive one. Fortunately, there are music apps that play Spanish hit songs and at the same time display onscreen pre-translated English subtitles. A popular one is Lirica.

You can download the free app at both Google Play and Apple Store. Alternatively, you can search for and play Lirica videos on Youtube.

Click here to play the sample Lirica Youtube video below.

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