My top 3 Netflix Spanish drama series

All 3 series below are currently viewable on Netflix.

1. Money Heist (La casa de papel)

The wildly popular Netflix series has reached global cult status. The storyline follows heists in Madrid including 1 on the central bank of Spain. The crimes were orchestrated by a character known as the Professor and executed by a team of criminals each only known by an alias of a city name, Tokyo, Helsinki, Berlin, etc.

You know the show has reached cult status when copycats wore red coveralls and Dali masks in real-life bank heists. Undeniably, Money Heist hit the right chord in the anti-establishment sentiment of the masses.

With 38 episodes over 4 seasons, the show’s Italian anti-fascist theme song Bella ciao may be stuck in one’s head. Even so, fans all over the world are eagerly waiting for the fifth season. Production of season # 5 has been delayed by the COVID-19 outbreak.

2. Grand Hotel (Gran Hotel)

Fans of Money Heist will recognize a familiar face in Grand Hotel—Pedro González Alonso, aka ‘Berlin’. This is a historical drama set in a posh venerable hotel in the fictional Spanish town of Cantaloa in 1905. With a period piece like that, you’d almost expect lavish costumes amidst visually beautiful cinematography for all their grandeur. Grand Hotel has all that and also romance and suspense to keep the viewers captivated throughout the 66 episodes distributed over 3 seasons.

Young ex-con Julio (played by Yon González Luna) went undercover as a waiter in the Grand Hotel to investigate the mysterious disappearance of his sister, a former hotel employee. The main plot resolves around the budding romance between the handsome waiter Julio and the hotel heiress Alicia (played by the stunning Amaia Salamanca) while details of an ongoing crime spree involving a serial killer are unfolded.

3. Unauthorized living (Vivir sin permiso)

This drama series is the shortest of the list with just 23 episodes over 2 seasons. The plot centers on the family of Nemo, an aging crime boss in a small Galician town who was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Nemo had to race against time to make things right with his family and find a successor before his inevitable total debilitation.

Fragility of relationships even life itself and redemption are 2 themes successfully explored in Unauthorized living.

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