Binge-worthy Netflix street food documentaries

Food is an important part of any culture, and street food embodies an authentic gastronomic cultural identity that is tasty and affordable.

Typically, street food businesses are small and family-owned. Munching on street food directly supports the local economy. Besides the economic benefits, street food vendors help keep age-old recipes and local gastronomic culture alive in the face of competition from global fast food brand names.

For street food to be affordable to the masses, its ingredients are usually locally sourced and fresh, hence adding to the vibe of authenticity.

For a street food business to thrive, it depends on word-of-mouth marketing. To create the necessary buzz, street food must be more than just cheap and authentic—it must be tasty. A forewarning may be warranted here: street food is mouth-watering for sure, but perhaps not the most forgiving for our waistline.

Street food makes a comeback in North America in the form of food trucks. In Latin America, street food has been active since colonial times.

Netflix has recently released the 6-episode documentary series ‘Street food: Latin America’. The show takes you on a culinary journey across the continent with stopovers at Oaxaca(Mexico), Bogota(Colombia), Lima(Peru), La Paz(Bolivia), Salvador(Brazil), and Buenos Aires(Argentina).

The stars of the series are naturally the distinctive and yummy dishes. Important co-stars are the vendors/chefs behind the dishes. The documentaries sketch out their life stories which are intertwined with their signature dishes.

With a stroke of marketing genius to promote the series, Netflix conducted a poll among Twitter users to crown the best street food dish of those presented in ‘Street Food: Latin America’. See the article below for the winner.

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