The story of ñ

Belated happy Spanish Language Day. April 23 is the day each year mandated by the United Nations to celebrate the Spanish language. Google doodle joined the celebration with a story on the unique Spanish letter of ñ.

Who counts as a speaker of a language?

Anna Babel, a Spanish professor at an American university, linked perception of language efficiency with social characteristics. Professor Babel used examples from both Bolivia and the USA to show how a person’s social group and ethnicity can influence others’ perception of whether they are a native speaker of the national language.

Currency Trivia

I am reposting the following currency trivia from the Spanishdict website. Enjoy. Name a Spanish-speaking country that uses the same currency as 19 other countries. Name 2 Spanish-speaking countries that use the USD as their national currency.Hint: The 2 names share the same first letter. Name the Paraguayan currency.Hint: It shares the same name as …

The resumptive lo: a Spanish gotcha for English speakers

‘Are you mad at me?’—’¿Estás enojada conmigo?’ ‘I am’. In Spanish, the equivalent answer is ‘estoy’, right? Not quite. The correct answer is ‘lo estoy’. The lo in ‘lo estoy’ is called the resumptive lo. Like the last missing piece of a puzzle, without it, you can still see the whole picture, but it is …