The story of ñ

Belated happy Spanish Language Day. April 23 is the day each year mandated by the United Nations to celebrate the Spanish language. Google doodle joined the celebration with a story on the unique Spanish letter of ñ.

Who counts as a speaker of a language?

Anna Babel, a Spanish professor at an American university, linked perception of language efficiency with social characteristics. Professor Babel used examples from both Bolivia and the USA to show how a person’s social group and ethnicity can influence others’ perception of whether they are a native speaker of the national language.

Currency Trivia

I am reposting the following currency trivia from the Spanishdict website. Enjoy. Name a Spanish-speaking country that uses the same currency as 19 other countries. Name 2 Spanish-speaking countries that use the USD as their national currency.Hint: The 2 names share the same first letter. Name the Paraguayan currency.Hint: It shares the same name as …